• F1 10K-18K
  • F2 4,500-10K
  • F3 3K-5K
  • F4 1,200-3,500
  • F5 950-3K
  • F6-SBT 950-3K

Placing a deposit

 We are a small TICA home based cattery located in the Harbor Area of the West Coast in California. We have had our beautiful savannahs since 2012 and are dedicated to producing a healthy and well socialized Savannah cats. We produce brown spotted tabby, melanistic, snow and silver.

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  • F1 10K-18K
  • F2 4,500-10K
  • F3 3K-5K
  • F4 1,200-2,500
  • F5 950-5K
  • F6-SBT 950-5K


A deposit of 50% of the amount of kitten will secure the price of your kitten. The balance is due when the kitten is ready to go home after 12 weeks of age. All kittens will be up to date on immunizations, registered, and will be sent home with a health guarantee.

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